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Korea Japan Version Brandnew Fitness Body Ball and Jung Dayeon\'s Four DVDs

Korea Japan Version Brandnew Fitness Body Ball and Jung Dayeon's Four DVDs

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  • Specifications:
  • Product: Fitness body ball and four DVDs
  • Happy to be able to muscle strength training and balance exercise ball workout for the body concerned! Also plate 3 in the procedure, a mixture of lower body muscle strength as a center of training and aerobic exercise. Can be directed at a woman like merihari physical eyes.
  • DISC1 the body ball "thin" ~ ball used in the aerobic exercise program exercise studio program winds.
  • DISC2 by body ball "abusu" ~ site focused on the ball uses the body while doing the side to stretch the stomach, back around the main part of the program.
  • DISC3 body ball "for the hip and leg "
  • DISC4 body ball" Summary "~ superiors when those short-tempered short DVD1 ~ 3 main action. Sports meet, the party would like to do a short practice exercise.
  • South Korean domestic queen, Jung Dayeon new exercise ball is the basis for the use of physical strength training. Body side of the balance is due move to (with) usually do not use the muscles properly while the procedure can be used. If the school activities while watching the DVD as OK, happy to simply side can be indicative of "momuchan" (= healthy beautiful body) eyes!
  • Big hit commodity security, the new version of the debut! South Korea's domestic queen, Jung Dayeon system products . Mr. Practical, see Mr. chondayon time, calm demeanor seems to have been female!
  • Skin smooth, if movement is not so beautifully used to, ah, looking forward to.
  • Bodyball after following the Figurerobics another giant, so you unconsciously relaxed atmosphere in the thin legs, oh great effect.
  • Manufacturer Ref: EPDJDVDBTB
  • Approved: CE / FCC

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