Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Clone 6.2inch Android 8.1 Snapdragon 845 3.5GHZ 4G LTE 64GB 128GB


US$330.86  US$258.88-22%OFF

Date Added: 02/04/2019 by Aleksandrs Ladusans.
there is wireless charger? Reply:yes,it support wireless charging.
Date Added: 11/30/2018 by Piet Burgers
Is it real the specs as the original? Reply:yes,it is 1:1 clone version
Date Added: 11/22/2018 by Ashish Bartaula
the best clone version ever now!
Date Added: 11/22/2018 by Ashish Bartaula
it is a really good clone
Date Added: 10/15/2018 by MONJA SANCHINI
Phone received after paid 6days,they ship from EU warehouse in netherlands,no taxes for me(i am from italy).phone same as specs shows and video shows,will buy more and sell on ebay as real one!...